I am putting this together to share my interests both here in the USA Tennessee and back home in Great Britain.

I hope to include articles and news from Scotland, England and Wales.

This project has just started so keep coming back to see more

Thank you for visiting and if you would like to comment please do so once I get the blog page established.

Hello! I am

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Jim McCulloch

This is a brief history of my life up until my marriage.


I was born James Joseph McCulloch to James Joseph McCulloch and Isabella McCulloch at Simpson Memorial Hospital in Edinburgh Scotland on Saturday 16th August 1947. This makes me a Leo!


My Dad was in the British Army in the Royal Scots Regiment, to my knowledge my mum did not work.


My early days are rather sketchy in my mind so I will not try to comment on them.



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First things where did I come up with the Name for my Website?


Easy Peasy.




jims : That is me!


dbe : Does British Everything!


intn : In Tennessee, however the  advice I was given is the keep the webpage name below 12 characters. Hence "intn"